Case Study: Little Stompers – Family Cafe, Play & Party Centre – Wollongong


Web Design & Development, Website & Social Media Management

Little Stompers is a family owned and operated cafe and indoor play centre located in Wollongong.
It relocated from its original location in Fairy Meadow to the new premises on Kenny Street in Wollongong over the Christmas break in 2014. Moving an entire play centre and rebuilding a cafe is a huge task and the client did not have a definite re-opening date.
They urgently needed a holding page indicating the relocation address, new phone number and tentative opening date (late January – early February 2015).

When the time came to update the website, several hurdles soon became apparent:

  • The domain name had not been transferred to the new owner when the business was bought 5 years earlier
  • The domain name was registered under the old business address with an obsolete email address and non-contactable phone number
  • The business required a new phone number (the relocation meant a different exchange) and a phone line mishap left the business without a land-line for several weeks
  • The original FTP details were reset by the hosting provider for security reasons, and the new FTP details were sent to the obsolete email address on file
  • Access to the Facebook account was deactivated
  • There were multiple Facebook Pages, Places and People set up – all of which had the old contact details and business address
  • Google maps showed the old address and contact phone number


After multiple emails, phone calls and a statutory declaration, the domain name was reclaimed. A Google business page was setup & map information was updated. The Facebook business page was recreated and the additional pages and places were deleted.

Branding was achieved with the use of the logo and business colours throughout the website and Facebook business page. Over 800 people were reached with the official ‘Opening Week’ voucher promotion on Facebook and various promotions were posted weekly to ensure the number of Likes and Followers continued to grow. Customers have begun to leave genuine reviews and ‘checking in’ and tagging the business when posting photos of their children’s birthday parties.

Case Study: Adenda Academy


Logo Design, Website Design & Development

Adenda Academy is a recently established training provider located in Crown Street, Wollongong.
Developing the business branding and establishing an online presence included:

  • Adenda Academy logo design (Adobe Illustrator)
  • Website design and development (responsive html5/css3/bootstrap)
  • Domain name setup (nTLD)
  • Hosting and webmail setup
  • Facebook page and Twitter page setup (including image optimisation and banner design using Adobe Photoshop)

Educational Websites