About Barbara

A Brief Introduction

There is no “digital learning” anymore, just learning in a digital world.

I am a web designer & developer with a keen interest in emerging technologies and their role in small business and education. I have over 15 years experience as a vocational trainer and document production specialist, with a focus on educational resource development and supporting the online development of small business.

I have also trained and worked as a qualified early childhood professional and child protection trainer. Sharing my love of math, puzzles and gaming with children has led me to explore the role of technology in child development.


Accessible Educational Technology for All.

Technology changes at such a rapid pace that the ‘digital divide’ is fast becoming a ‘digital chasm’. My vision is for all members of the community to have access to technology which in turn means access to education, community services and support.


I strive to offer flexible and affordable training to all members of the community, in particular, school-leavers, people with disabilities and people wanting to re-enter the workforce.


Honesty and Integrity

I believe in doing the right thing, without expectation of reward and always being accountable for my words and actions.


By ensuring that the learning environment (online and face-to-face) is flexible and wherever possible, caters to a learners individual needs and help individuals to overcome learning barriers.

Quality Training and Assessment

I have a commitment to life-long learning and professional development, and continually striving to provide up-to-date, relevant course material and learning resources. Assessments are always conducted in accordance with the principles of assessment – fair, flexible, valid and reliable. Wherever possible, holistic assessments that meet workplace requirements are used to ensure authenticity.


“Barb, you are a very experienced, innovative, creative trainer and assessor. You have demonstrated throughout the course the ability to bring your extensive industrial experience into each of our training sessions and discussions. Your assessment tasks including the various and extensive delivery and assessment activities not only engaged your learners but they had fun and enjoyed developing their knowledge and skills.” Dot Hennessey, Cert.IV TAE Facilitator

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